Friday, 27 April 2012

Paul Lambert - Stay Where You Are!

These days I have little time on my hands so my blog posts tend to last no more than 400 words, if that. One day I'll set aside some time to write something exploratory, detailed and very interesting, but now it's all commentary. 

Paul Lambert to Villa? What has changed over the past year that makes this particular post more desirable? Mark Hughes truly mugged himself off by dumping Fulham then not getting the job, Roberto Martinez point blank knocked them back, so they settled for Alex McLeish, a solid, predictably-styled practitioner of the clumpy game. Paul Lambert has some fine skills indeed and brought a team to the premier league who are universally respected and admired by the neutral fan. It is hard for promoted teams to 'fit in', premier league snobs expect a certain type of football these days and it really is a lion's den of judgement and speculation. Fortunately, Swansea brought some haute couture footballing fashion up with them last season, enough to leave Barcelona lovers drooling at the mouth. 

As every discerning football fan knows, it really is 'all about the money' so should Paul Lambert choose to migrate westward one could assume the renumeration is a major driving force. When Chelsea disposed of Villas-Boas, the Swan's Brendan Rogers uttered something to the effect of 'I wouldn't touch your fickle bastard club and its politics with a 10 foot barge pole, I want a career, not a prison sentence'. Maybe, just maybe we are entering an era where building a club with a footballing style and identity might be more important than a glory job, that's how I hope things pan out for Lambert and the Norwich City fans anyway. Norwich have a kind of understated cool status anyway these days, with Delia and Stephen Fry in the box, all they need now is a more Brazilian-styled kit, (the only way to do yellow) and a decent cup-run next season. 

Hot Score's verdict, should Paul Lambert stay or go?

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