All About Sarah

Sarah writes and presents the weekly nugget-sized football podcast, Hot Scores for Roxoff TV. She is quickly building a credible portfolio as a freelance writer specialising in the medical, psychological and social areas of sport. By trade, Sarah is a musician and songwriter and goes out as a solo artist after playing bass in and working very hard to get her old band The Flotels off the ground. There is every possibility it could pick up where it left off but a great guitarist and fresh approach is required. She has just re-built her home recording studio and plans to produce her debut solo EP which will be a stripped back, honest and emotive acoustic effort. This will be gigged and whored around the internet when it is finished, that's the only way to do it nowadays.
If you want to hear some of Sarah's very old demos with The Flotels click here and for a little medley of acoustic covers click here. As for the football stuff, that's all over the Hot Scores site and has featured on Sport Witness, In Bed With Maradona, The Anti-Room, Twisted Blood, Column 10 and recently published in NuVue magazine on homophobia in football - hope you like it.

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